Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Happy 8 birthday my big boy

Nacho, I want to thank you my big boy.

Thank you for been my light on my darkest day. 
Thanks you for be the funniest, sweetest boy who change my world with just a smile.
I love you, I love you even more than you can imaged my cutie pie.

Thank you for teach me, I'm  learning  from you cutie pie.
I was very blessed with you. 
You are my joy, you are my helper and my cutie pie.

Today you are turning 8 years old, is a happy day for you. You love chocolate cake, a special breakfast and presents. You will enjoy your day to the fullest as you usually do, with your big smile and lovely checks.
today I celebrate 8 years of endless fun, franks, coddles and love. you turn my life into an endless adventure.

My wish for you my son today is simple, is not a great party or cake.
My wish for you is that you never change, please never loss your kindness sweetie pie.

Nacho I want to be like you when I grow up <3 
I love son Happy Birthday 

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