Saturday, September 10, 2011

Remembering 9/11

It has been 10 years since Sept. 11, 2001
Like most people I'm sure that I will have that day in my mind for ever.

I didn't born in this country, I didn't lived my childhood here, but I love this country as an adopted child love his parent.
We can't chose the family were we born, but we do chose our friends, our love and were we want to be. I chose America, this is the land were I start my family, were my kids born. The land were I feel that I belong. Even if I still need to improved my English. I love this country, his culture and his people.

I can't forget the land who saw me grow, but here is were I belong now. I respect, love and feel his pain as an American.

I love this country even  before I moved here and here is a little story:

"I remember, it was almost 14 years ago or so. It was the world cup for soccer, and Argentina love soccer. The principal at my school let us paint our faces and were our teem t-shirt on game days.
Next Monday it was USA VS hmm? I'm not sure, but I show up with the USA flag painted on my cheeks. OMG I make a big revolution at school, and the bigining of more to came.
I was send to satation, but next day it was alot of kids with faces painting with flags of diferents countries, and we make a flash mub. That was the day I realize I will be an activists..."

I don't know what make me love USA, maybe was "the nanny" , "step by step" or " the Simpson" who I grow up with. Before I know it, I was saying good bye to my friends and family.

I came here on March 2001 and  I was 3 months pregnant with Lauty. WOW Miami was even more beautiful in person. Everything amassed me the beach , the parks, the malls, etc. Everything was so beautiful.
Months go by, I was taking care of one nice who at that moments was 9 months old, my mom start working right away.
 It was hard, I was along all day, no friends and pregnant.

September 3th 2001~ my due date nothing was happening. My mom take me to the park 2 times a day to help with labor, but nothing, just a couple of contractions here and there.

September 7th 2001~ OB-GYN app, he check me I was 1cm dilated. he say call me on Monday if nothing happen before I will indus you on Tuesday Sep 11.

September 10th 2001~ Monday was here but my mom has to cover a shift. She ask me if I can call the Dr and ask him to hold on my induction until wensday. I was sick of everyone trying to deside when my child should born, so I call and make and app for friday September 14th, that way I will have more time and let labor start on his own. That night I whent down and up of the apartment stirs like carzy, at 11pm finaly I start feeling some contractions. I was so extited.  Whent to bed at 1am and try to sleep as much as posible " if labor has started I will need the energy".

September 11th 2001~  This day stay in mine mind like if was yesterday! I wake up at 8:55, I always reach for my remote control even before open my eyes. Turn on the tv in front of my bed, I was home along, my mom went to work at 7am. It was 9:00 when I finaly open my eyes, "whats going on? is this a movie? 9:03 I saw the second plane crashed into the South Tower... I couldn't belived my eyes, is this realy happen? finaly I saw that word on the top of the scren "live".

My contractions stop, "in what kind of world I bringing this child to". The news was everywere, and everyone was scare. I can't take from my mind the imagen of that people jumping from the towers...and keep thinking!

That day a mother lost his child, a child lost his father, a wife lost her love, a husband lost her best friend,  and this country has pain in his heart. I do too.
Watching the planes hit the towers, was the most heart breaking thing i could ever watch.

I was scared to go out, at that moment I was glad that my labor has stoped. I didn't know if we were safe.

September 14th 2001~ I keep my app, life must go on and this child can't be inside me for ever, he was 2 weeks over due.

Finaly September 15th my son "Lautaro" was born, it take us 5 months to leve the house. He wasent on my womb any more, how Im going to protect him?

One day an old men saw my 5 months old son and say " he is a special boy, he has the strength, he maybe a president one day"
The men was drunk, I think, but his words still on my head untill today. I don't know what he will became when he grow up, But what I do know is that I will teach him and his siblins to love the world, to make love insted of word. I can't change the world, I only wish for a better one for generations to came.

My heart goes out all of the families of the victims, all the heros who losses their live trying to safe others.

And thanks to the everybody that helped, all those who became heros. Thanks to them i have found that my faith and love to america is strong than ever.  Thanks again for our 9-11 heros.

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